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Seeing Beyond Limits for Concessions: An Exploration of Computer Vision Technology in Autonomous Stores at Parks & Stadiums

The fan experience at parks and stadiums should be as exciting as the game itself. The last thing fans want is to miss half the game waiting in line for concessions. 🙄 

59% of fans would spend more on food & beverage if wait times were shorter.

Today, fans want fast, secure, and cashierless checkout processes at concessions. Computer vision technology, a field of artificial intelligence (AI), helps to do just that and more.

In this guide, we’re diving deep into:

  • What computer vision technology is and how it works
  • The core difference between computer vision and sensors
  • How computer vision enables customers to shop without the need for cashiers or other human assistance
  • Why computer vision is a critical aspect in maximizing fan satisfaction & stadium revenue

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